Some book updates while it is at the Tennessee printer

Mid Life Celebration target market description
Yes, all 35 – 65 year olds. (and anyone planning to reach that age range someday)


The book is at the printer in Tennessee. Some updates:

  • a printing error set everything back one month
  • it was like pulling teeth (painful) to feel like the publishing agent was in my shoes
  • feeling so strong for finally going through with the promise to publish
  • feeling so nervous for finally going through with the promise to publish
  • working on logos
  • working on backend email stuff, using Aweber
  • working on a bunch of things actually

Hoping this milestone will inspire you to keep battling your fears.

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  1. What I find so awesome is everything you have learned and experienced during the publishing process. It is quite an eye opening journey. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Patty, you’re welcome. And the learning continues with how Amazon works and how the sales rank is influenced, and the (relative) importance of managing this.

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