The book cover designer Jeff Speiser did an amazing job

Mid Life Celebration paperback
OM Gosh…


The book cover designer Jeff Speiser did an amazing job. Told him the following should be on the cover:

  • book title
  • sub-title
  • fire-engine red rotary phone, with hand set off the hook
  • a comment cloud coming from the receiver
  • a specific comment (which I provided)

He nailed it on the first try.

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  1. Jeff, I truly loved the cover the first time I looked at it, yet I passed over this post yesterday without a comment. Today It hit me, I need to tell Jeff how I felt. My first thought was “how perfect”. Loved the eye-catching red, the simplicity, and most of all the tag line. But I must admit I never gave a thought to how it got that way. So typical of things in life, we just don’t think about what it took to get that way. You both hit the mark, in my opinion. I can only imagine the angst that I would have had pulling the trigger on that decision. I learned a little something from this, your directive was clear, concise and workable. Then you let the expert take over. Definitely something I need improvement on.

  2. Donna, hope you are sitting down…

    You are the first to comment on the book cover.

    And let me tell you, what an amazingly wonderful feeling.

    A feeling of deep, humble gratitude for the incredible book designer (Jeff Speiser) being able to listen, imagine, and create.

    And you taught/reminded me (anyone reading this) that the things we take for granted are very often some of our greatest opportunities to spread kindness.

    Thank you for having a moment, stopping, and then doing what you first thought of, but didn’t.

    PS. As a side, ripple effect benefit, you boosted the author’s confidence as well. Thank you doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

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