The excitement is building quicker and higher than anticipated

Domain name auction
i’ve been using for seven years. Getting the .com only required seven years of patience and intentionality.


The excitement to start writing the next book(s) is building quicker and stronger than anticipated.

i have six seven Disney books to write.

And a very ambitious writing schedule.

The good news is i have a foundation built on seven consecutive years of writing two-hours a day (never missing a day).

That’s a serious foundation habit.

The fear that accompanied the first book is a non-issue this go round.

That’s a pretty cool blessing feeling.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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