Walt Disney surrounded himself with people smarter than he was

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A field of dreams?


Walt Disney surrounded himself with people smarter than he was. A small business entrepreneur would be wise to follow this common sense principle. Duly noted.

And it is paying off ten-fold already.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    I have seen this time and time again. You don’t have to be the best and smartest at every aspect of the company to be the leader. You just have to know how to get access to those who do when you need it. The concept of the Presidential Cabinet is based on this notion (and like anything else, we have seen it work well and not so well). But the concept is the same – surround yourself with experts from the various fields.


  2. Bob, thanks for your message so early on a Saturday morning, so close to Christmas.

    For five years years, have been watching, observing, thinking, rethinking, dreaming, doing.

    Most of the work is solo. It is what it is.

    There is something magical about how high the stakes are when it’s your personal business.

    The ability to have the final say. The pressure of deadlines. The risk of potential wrong choices. The thrill of getting it just right.

    It has been slow and steady. And quite literally, just beginning.

    Hope your weekend is filled with joy.

  3. Jeff,

    I know you have been doing things in “solo” mode for your own business. And some leadership books even talk about one of the ways to be a great leader (Fox’s “How to Be CEO” comes to mind) is to do something daily that is hard and alone. But know this – you have surrounded yourself with those who may not be there to run the business, but are there to lift you up to God.

    Praying for you to have a wonderful time with your family during this Christmas season!


  4. Bob, you are absolutely at the top of that list. The Mid Life Celebration community is quite compact, and tight.

    There’s a larger sense of community that exists (Google Analytics say so), yet the comment and email engagement is small by comparison.

    Btw, this is a typical curve, even for famous brands.

    Bob, thank you for alway being there. Always. Merry Christmas.

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