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Are You A Loyal, Happy Employee?

The Shoe Fit...
The Shoe Fit...

How long have you been in the workforce, paying taxes? How long have you been loyal to your current employer? We all understand that employee engagement and retention are critical, long-term business strategies.

Yet, being a great leader has never been more challenging, with the tremendous pressures of today’s unprecedented economic downturn.

It would almost seem that as leaders, we could make excuses to ourselves to justify our focus not on our people, but on the bottom line and our very own survival and reputation.

If you’re a parent (aunt, uncle) would you make excuses and rationalize that your children can fall from being at the top of your priority list?

For my wife, it’s been half her life with the same employer. Yesterday, it was exactly 26 years.

As a leader, you show what you value, every single day. Which should remind us that what we do thunders so loudly, others can’t hear what we say.

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As of October 2nd, I will be celebrating 10 years. I can’t say I have always felt a sense of loyalty for all 10 years. The attitude needed to be adjusted. My attitude.

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