From acorn to grand oak

Main Street USA
The beginning of another brand new day


Walt Disney’s legacy.

Dreaming. Creating. Inspiring.

In September 1984 the 20-something returned to Florida for good with the sole purpose of carving out a life at Walt Disney World.

Even to the point of building a home behind the Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

The dream that was once only a tiny acorn is now a grand oak.

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  1. Interesting analogy . . . Mr. Oak, do you know that the little acorns you have dropped after the seasons have been picked up and replanted in places all around the world? Planted, nurtured, and now mature oaks themselves ready to spread the fruits of their labor around the world.

  2. David, touche. Very good analogy you’ve presented. It casts a very nice shade.

    Gonna grab a lawn chair and enjoy the breeze and sounds of nature…. have a beautiful day.

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