Is there a bridge from common sense to action?

Car loaded down for cross-country rode trip


Tent camping along Wyoming Interstate in 1984


Last night had a flashback to 18 months ago at work.

That moment when you wanted to be in bed 30 minutes ago because you’re spent, but kept feeding on Internet inspiration… and came to a realization…

You packed up all your meager belongings and drove from Washington State to Orlando to work for a Man and a Mouse….

And it’s now been 30 years at Walt Disney World Resort, including the past 15 speaking to over one-million people…

How’d that happen?

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  1. Jeff thank you for continuing to share your insights, thoughts and emotions through your blog as it gives many of us a peek into a man that does work for the mouse. I am sure that when you were leaving your “pair of docks” you probably never thought you would be what I see often as a missionary for a business that touches and impacts millions of people. I say missionary as your role has changed to speaking to eager students on site training to off site (travel). When I watched on YouTube the Frozen sing a long from the Studios, I couldn’t help but think of all of millions of children and adults that have been impacted by a movie – the work of others that work for the mouse and a man a legend.

  2. David, you’re welcome. It is a pleasure, a joy, a mission… to serve.

    To dream, create, and inspire.

    Be well and remain amazed.

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