It’s time to rename brand loyalty

Disney Stock at all time high
Yesterday Disney stock closed at over $100


What has historically been the best long-term investment strategy?

Brand Love. Not brand loyalty. When customers and the economy support a brand, it is reflected in the stock price. Companies that thrive, long-term, behave admirably and offer the world something it can’t get enough of.

This can also be applied to your personal brand at work, at home, and in your community.

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  1. I really wish I had bought some when it was down to $26. I just wanted to get the framed certificate and say I was a shareholder. It wasn’t even for financial gain. Oof! 🙂

  2. Craig, we all have those moments. Enjoy your framed certificate and be ready when the times comes for the next investment opportunity, whatever that might be.

  3. Never did pull the trigger. Lessons learned, huh?

    Invest early, especially in yourself. The cost of change is much higher later on. The best time to do it is now!

  4. Yes, and the challenge is balancing what we’d like to do with what we actually can do (which almost always seems insignificant).

    We waited a couple years before contributing 2% to our 401k, because we couldn’t afford to see 2% away.

    A few years later we added another 2%….over 30 years, the magic of compound interest is no longer a theory.

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