Lunch was exceptional because it was at Disney

Disney Bus
Yesterday at Disney.


Disney parking lot tram
Yesterday on the way home from lunch.


A friend, and potential client, is visiting Walt Disney World to attend a Disney Institute multi-day course on Creativity and Innovation. (i used to teach this, along with the rest of the DI curriculum)

We were going to head right to Disney’s Hollywood Studios when i called an audible.

Let’s visit some things you’ll never get to see as a Theme Park Guest.

We capped it off with an amazing lunch at The 50’s Prime Time Cafe.

The food was delicious, but more remarkable was the Cast Member interaction.

Stunningly exceptional.

And it reminded me what a vibrant organizational culture does for a brand.

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  1. One of the courses I was not able to schedule before it was eliminated. 🙁

    Maybe something will come back in its place in the future. Would have liked to have taken this one to complete my DI resume. 🙂

  2. David, sorry you didn’t get to it. Creativity never got the demand that Leadership, People management (Selection, Training, Engagement) and Service get. i think Loyalty is discontinued also.

  3. So I’ll just have to keep going back to the source and observe the culture that cultivates the creativity and loyalty.

    I don’t just go for the rides, attractions, music, atmosphere . . . I watch. And study. And I try to learn. I’m not afraid of asking cast members direct questions and I enjoy doing it.

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