Over managing brand building 101

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Apple has been named the world’s most admired company for the past eight years. Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, would like for Disney to hold that designation. Bold dream for Bob.

Both companies over-manage their cultural details. Details that no customer is aware of. Why? Because it’s the internal engine – customers don’t care how it works, they just know they love that it works better than anything else they’ve ever experienced.

What does this mean for any of us mere humans?

It means we can study and learn. And from learning, apply.

Thirty years as a Disney career insider. Seven years as an Apple customer and another 17 years as an “organizational cousin” by virtue of Disney Pixar Studios.

Some simple notes from the secret recipe…

Over managing your brand building 101:

Think inside the box.

Build your box’s four sides with:

  • vision (to be)
  • mission (to do)
  • brand (to feel)
  • customer (for whom)

Additional recipe “secrets”:

Values: These are for internal use only – how employees treat each other

Purpose: A single, unifying goal for every employee, every level

Founder’s story: Usually a hero’s story – connect emotionally to something bigger than self

Milestones: There are many – use them strategically to weave your story

Language: Special, powerful, unique, words that are part of the culture

Symbols: Same as language but applies to icons

Traits: Unique characteristics that you do better than others in your space

Behaviors: Demonstrable, and easily recognizable: a by-product of traits

i could go on, but this is a good place to stop (for now).




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