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Seth Godin’s Linchpin Meetup

Got A Flag?
Got A Flag?

Tomorrow is Seth Godin’s Linchpin Meetup. Raise the flag on June 14.

Do work that matters.

Or not.

By jeff noel

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4 replies on “Seth Godin’s Linchpin Meetup”

David, what a busy week. Hope yours was incredibly magical and productive. Loved meeting your Family. What a privilege.
Seth is an amazing talent and game changer. The world is lucky to have him.
Ho do you like your Kindle?
And, yes, the thought has crossed my mind…..

I love my Kindle! I have read more in the last 6 months than I have read in the last 6 years combined.

Fortunately I will have an eight hour ride home on Thursday where I can record and organize my notes from the week. I was encouraged to hear some presentations on topics I have already blogged about thanks to you and DI.

Maybe someone is listening . . .

Keep learning. Keep blogging. Keep being a great Dad and husband.
And thank you for staying in touch.
I value your contribution.

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