Autopilot strengthens work habits and rituals

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Jody Maberry texted this small tweak yesterday.
Disney Podcasts
The question now is, “Which “i” has it?

You can’t solve your work problems challenges tomorrow when you are on autopilot; repeating what you did yesterday.

Talking about your career health right now, as CEO of You, Inc.







When you look at where you’ve been and compare that to where you are now, changing your work habits and rituals has changed everything.

Not only are you CEO of You, Inc, but you are also CEO of Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

There’s merit in working for a great company. And even greater merit for using that as a stepping stone to captain your own ship.

Life opens up to you in indescribable ways.

It’s strenuous and risky work.

So is playing it safe when you work for someone else. 

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