Is your job a breeze?

Are you completely satisfied with the way your career has progressed and where it’s headed?

Over and over, there’s convincing evidence that more people are dissatisfied than satisfied.

Know what the biggest stumbling block might be?

Lack of courage.

To combat this, a courageous person has to privately, and relentlessly, coach themselves.


Courage, by the way, often looks like this:

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    There is that fine line that really makes it hard for someone to know sometimes what to do. One one side of the line, there is the person that follows the idea of “being content in all things.” The flipside of this is standing on the other side of the line, and screams, “Strive toward the goal,” or, possibly more aptly said here: “Seize the day.” And it is somewhere in the world of fear in between the two, courage fades away and lends itself to excuses instead of execution of goals.

    The ones who make it to their goals are the ones who realize these two sides aren’t contradictory (one or the other) but complementary (both together). No one ever said that having courage to following your goals was going to be fear-free. But realizing that you can have courage to strive for the goal while being content with where God has you at that point in the journey – many a person live and die without ever getting to that point.

    Thank you, Jeff, for reminding me of that, as I pray for God’s support when I step into my own fears, and trust that He will guide and support my steps.


  2. Bob, well said. You are speaking to my mind, body and spirit.

    Much like the infamous “hidden Mickey’s” at Disney, there’s a “hidden audience of one” in my blog posts.


    The struggle gets easier when it appears I’m suggesting advice to help others, but really, I’m really just talking to myself.

    The Internet allows others to overhear this daily conversation, and maybe, just maybe, help them too.

  3. If your job is a breeze, you’re not working hard enough. Sure you can coast. But that means you are going downhill. And you can’t go downhill forever. You have to start going back uphill at some point.

    Enough of the imagery.

    You may be talking to yourself. But others are watching and listening and emulating and praying and learning and struggling and smiling.

    Thank you for your daily doses of encouragement.

  4. David, each day I wake up, write different five blogs, whispering to the world, “Live, before you die”.

    PS. And thank you for your dose of encouragement. It fuels both ways.

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