If Common Sense Makes Sense, Then Doesn’t It Make No Sense To Not Practice It?

If it's mid-February in Iowa, it's probably cold outside
Snow like this is from cold weather

Fellow Boomers, play along with jeff noel here, okay? It’s mid-February in Iowa, there’s a couple inches of snow on the ground and you need to walk across town. Let’s assume you’re not 21, but rather 51. Will you wear warm clothes for your 15-minute walk? Answer’s obvious – in this example and almost everything else life throws at us.

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  1. Do we need an epiphany when it comes to common sense? I mean, do we have to figure it out all by ourself? Or are we smart enough to look for it? Should it be called rare sense since it’s not always so common?

  2. David, love your questions. Love the rare sense.
    To me it really comes down to whether or not I feel like doing the hard work.

  3. Yes and no. An object in motion tends to stay in motion. And I’m continuously learning how important it is to not make plans that include “nothing going wrong” – stuff always comes up that must be dealt with that throws the other plans astray.

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