People as teachers

President Biden
Early in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

People as teachers.

Spouse, family, friends, colleagues, businesses, neighbors.

Everything has a teachable moment in it.

Just like the beauty of nature or the Grace of God – it’s ever present. Never-ending.

People teach us by what they do and don’t do.

What people say is false teaching.


Because…words don’t teach, what you do teaches.

What you do thunders so loudly, i cannot hear what you say.


We judge ourselves on our intentions, others judge us on our behaviors.


You cannot talk your way out of a situation you acting yourself into.

Context: Behaviors must be witnessed. You cannot truthfully judge on behaviors from a story you are told, only from a story you witness. You must be a first-hand witness. We forget this.

Additional context: Writing from the heart, for our Son’s benefit, from my personal witness journey. Publicly and daily without missing a single day, since 2009.

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