Enjoy it all, even the parts that aren’t too much fun

The metaphor’s application is deep and broad…

yard work

Enjoy it all, even the parts that aren’t too much fun.

Looking at the blog categories in the right column, it was challenging to find the exact fit for the above sentence’s essence. Where would you put it?

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  1. This past week we have been introducing Disney to our friends with a 5 year old daughter and twin 2 year old boys. Joys all three, but we haven’t been on kid duty for 9 years. It was wonderful to visit Disney through the eyes if a princess. And the boys have energy enough for the world. Boy can they run fast. My teen and tween were great with them. Made me proud.

  2. It was a blessing to be able to help out. And a great vacation to end our year of Disney wonder and magic. Don’t know exactly when we will be back, but these memories will carry us forward.

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