Happy Birthday Walt Disney World

Note, currently, the video is not displaying on mobile devices, even iPad.

October 1, 1971 – Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park opens.

Walt Disney’s dream for an Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow started long before 1971.

The 24-minute video isn’t worth watching unless you can automatically make a business case for the chronicles of Disneyland, and then, of course, Walt Disney World.

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  1. Jeff,

    Interestingly, we just received in the mail from Blockbuster a movie I had requested well over a year ago on the “Behind the Scenes of Disney World” by the History Channel. Some of this same video you had here was included in the movie. It took that long to get it because it was on such a long waiting list to get it. But the boys got to watch it this weekend – easily enough to get them pumped for our next trip!


  2. Unfortunately, no time now to watch it.
    I think it’s the video that I have on my Walt Disney World Treasures DVD at home. Probably the “Tomorrowland” DVD. Possibly the “Disneyland, USA” one.
    I love those things!

  3. And the thing that gets me is how innovative the stuff is to us now, yet it was 50 years ago. Walt was that much ahead of his time!

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