How we falsely judge ourselves

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The partnership with Jody Maberry involves the transferability of using .think .differently in everything we do.

Picture a 17-year Disney Resort Operations Leadership veteran starting a new career as an official Keynote Speaker for Disney Institute.

Talk about a career change.

And the new speaker never carried a desire to become a public speaker.


Pause and contemplate this…

We judge ourselves on our intentions, others judge us on our behaviors.

It was a personal mission to make the above statement my thesis for Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence. 

i learned, embraced, and taught this Disney Leadership business insight my entire Disney Institute career from 1999 – 2014.

Note: When i began teaching the four-day open-enrollment classes at Walt Disney World in 1999, i began asking questions i thought everyone should have a ready answer to, but no one did.

Astonished, yet optimistic, i forged my own hypothesis based on 15+ years in Disney front-line and front-line leadership roles.

It was the catalyst for my life mantra:

.think .differently

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