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Time is the only thing everyone gets the same of each day.


If you hit the snooze button, if you do rolling stops at stop signs, if you drive too fast, these are valid indications you are not a great leader. You are probably a great manager, getting things done, even burning the midnight oil, and racing down the highway to increase your output.

But leadership starts with self.

Is the purpose of speeding to save three minutes? Go to bed three minutes earlier the night before. No?

Saving three seconds by doing rolling stops instead of full and complete stops? Wake up one minute earlier so you don’t have to shave 10-20 seconds off of your commute.

Hitting the snooze button?

Rushing out the door half awake, in a rush, disorganized – the three minute and 20 seconds you save on a typical 30- minute commute requires a level of worry and anxiety that could be spent in an entirely different way if you went to bed (or woke up) just five minutes earlier.

Think about it.

When i finally came to terms with my blind spot, i fixed these things.

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