Less Than Half Benchmarking

This Hangs In My Office
Christopher Needed To Be Spoon Fed

Note: This is sort of a spoof, a play on words.

There’s a new personal transformation company I found(ed), called Less Than Half Benchmarking.

Well, that’s really only partially true. It’s not called Less Than Half Benchmarking. It’s called Mid Life Celebration.

But less than half of you reading this will visit  Mid Life Celebration today.

Doing stuff that matters is hard work.

And even fewer will visit another benchmarking site, where there is a temptation to view excellence as showing off.

I promise to help you think differently.

You promise to not expect to be spoon-fed.

By jeff noel

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  1. You kind of lost me with the”Less than Half Benchmarking” thing. I know you’ve got Mid Life Celebration, though.
    Am I missing something?

  2. Craig (and probably others), sorry, I was in a “spoof” sort of mood.

    The goal was to professionally antagonize the folks that aren’t putting the four pieces (mind, body, spirit, money) together, to at least try harder to.

    I’m convinced that a fundamental opportunity adults have, is to trash the old paradigm that balance is work/life, in other words, a balance of only two things.

    Very simply, it’s the integration of all four, plus the box that houses (hq) them.

  3. Sometimes Craig, you can use writing to work through thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

    It’s my nature, subconsciously, to speak in tongues.

    The processing of the idea, emotion or thought is worth it’s weight in gold.

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