Our career stops growing when we do, no?

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Our career stops growing when we do.


Our career stops growing when we do.

If all we see is a dead end, that’s all we will see.

If all we see is a sincere, absolute necessity to thrive, that’s all we’ll see.

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  1. Timely, very timely…. Thank you.
    Was talking to a friend about meeting our potentials, career wise, and the judgement of others on our career directions. Read my resume and I’m a loser; seriously. PhD, with postdoctoral experience at Cornell. I did cutting edge research. My entire life resonated with the data I generated and analyzed. But life happens and I chose another path. Regrets? Not usually. For you can take the woman out of science but you can’t take the scientist out of the woman. So working for a freight broker, making just enough money to pay for my daughter’s college tuition, spending my day chatting with carriers and shippers might not seem fulfilling to those on the outside, for me, it’s quite satisfying. And there is a learning curve complete with challenges. Strangely enough.

  2. Patty, God love everything about us.

    The devil is astonishing patient in his desire to and ability to have us doubt ourselves – thus doubting God.

    Have a quiet conversation with God and we quickly find out just how remarkable we are.

    Perfect actually.

  3. Patty and Jeff – I go through this conversation with my wife on occasion. She was into education (in college, was selected top student teacher of the year) and went on to be a very successful teacher. But then we started a family, and her career as a full-time elementary teacher stopped. But so many other things began. And as I continued to grow in my professional career and “see results” of my efforts, it grew harder for her to see that as a stay-at-home mom. And it has been tough sometimes for her. But I remind her that she is growing and instilling things in our sons that have eternal value…that holds great weight with God! And she is still teaching, but it’s homeschool. Sometimes it is hard for her to “see results” like you might see in a business world, but the impacts are far-reaching!


  4. Bob, It’s so difficult when we play the what if game. Reminds me of the line from the movie Rocky, “I use to be a contender.” Life is moving forward; not looking back.

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