The Disney Way is world famous

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World Famous.


Disney Way Leadership keynote speaker
The Disney Way is compromised of over-focusing on the same things others under-focus on or ignore.


Struggling is a big part of life. You know, the personal struggles we all face.

But what about in business?

Do entire companies need to struggle with a culture that isn’t intentional?


All that needs to be done is to over-focus on the very same things everyone else either under-focuses on or ignores.

My days are spent talking with executive leaders who don’t know how to initiate a culture like this.

It’s what i’ve grown up on, spent a lifetime doing, and now teach others how to do it themselves.

And it all started on January 25, 1982, when i began my Disney career as a front-line Cast Member,  jungle jeff.

PS. Sometimes i end a post just like this one. No moral, no punchline, no call to action. It just ends. Why? Because i figure what happens next it up to the reader.




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