There’s Not 1 Person Who Doesn’t Know

It's A Beautiful Day
It's A Beautiful Day

Some of my friends work in healthcare. You have friends who do too.

My Family has been in and out of hospitals many times. You and your Family have too.

There’s this one particular hospital, say 1,000+ employees. They have a vision/mission like every other company.

There’s not one person who doesn’t know what it is.


What does it take for that to happen within an organization, of any size, in any industry?

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Wow – what a great question! Some companies pay people big bucks to come in and tell them the answer to that.

    But I know of one answer that really works. Believability from the top down. People throughout an organization tend to follow leadership when they believe they are on the same page. “Don’t be telling me how I should be in this company if you don’t even follow it yourself!” – that may be what you hear from someone who doesn’t believe in his or her leadership to be operating on the same page.

    Interestingly enough, in having this discussion with my Leadership class a few weeks ago, I used “The Disney Way” of doing things to show how, no matter the position (from CEO to jungle boat ride captain in Magic Kingdom), people are carrying out the same vision and mission.


  2. Bob, for me, your comment begs the question, “How does a leader become and remain believable?”

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