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Survey results can give you a great reputation, if you earn the highest marks


Leaders, what will you make of today?

There are only two days in a year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow. – Dalai Lama

Leaders, if you were rated by the people you serve each and every day, how do you think you would rank on a day to day basis?

Note: Have personally been evaluated on virtually every single presentation given for 15 consecutive years.

Can you imagine?

Talk about accountability.

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  1. Jeff I can’t imagine that many evaluations but knowing you the way I do, I am sure that you look at each comment as an opportunity to be a better leader and speaker. A few years ago I created a Leadership Accountability process for my former employer and yes my staff even evaluated me. We did it twice a year, mid year my staff filled out the evaluation of me and provided it back to me, so that I had an opportunity to address my blind spots. At the end of the year, those surveys went directly to my boss so they could remain anonymous. I learned a lesson from one of the surveys – I made sure I always made an effort to recognize my staff for living our purpose of making people feel special, but one of the surveys said “While you do recognize me, you do not recognize me in front of my customers.” I learned to never be afraid to hear the truth and not just hear it but do something about it.

  2. David, accountability is the key to success, and more importantly, the key to leaving a legacy others will want to emulate. Thank you so much for being part of the community here.

    You have such an amazing depth and breadth of leadership experience. An incredible value add.

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