Walt said if you can dream it you can do it

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Vision: Work from anywhere, anytime, with a product others will pay a premium for.


Whatever you are dreaming of as a way to make a living and to do work that matters, may 2016 be the year you take action you’ve never taken before.

Game-changing action.

We are talking quality over quantity.

For example, in late 2008, while working at Disney Institute, i went to my bank during lunch to inquire about how to start a small business. The Suntrust employee directed me to www.SunBiz.org – the rest as they say, is history.

January 1, 2009 i officially became a small business owner.

It would take the next six years before i made my first dime, and seven years to make a profit.

PS. i knew before i started that it would take years to make something happen. That’s why i didn’t leave my full-time job. At 49, i planned to retire at 55.

Six years is a long time to invest time, money, and emotional labor without seeing a dime.




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