Well of course you are

Gapingvoid art
Metaphorically speaking, you need to want change as much as you want your next breath. From Gapingvoid Art.


You and your organization have major challenges.

You do not want an expensive solution.

Nothing you’ve tried so far has stuck.

You may have become numb to the drag of your survival and reaction mode.

Your organizational culture is you greatest ally or your biggest roadblock.

Right now and for the foreseeable future (and maybe forever), it’s a roadblock.

You think you need to fix your leadership.

You think you need to fix your customer service delivery.

There’s only one person who will insist you rethink those two obvious categories, plus the three other categories everyone ignores.

  1. Your pain will get worse before it will get better.
  2. Or, your pain will get worse and it will never get better (and never stay better).

These are your only two options.

Could you thrive living on the fringe?

Could you become the best in your category, or, could you become so amazing you create a new category – a category of one?

There’s no one else in the marketplace that will approach common cultural dysfunction issues with the same business karma.

i do not fail.

i can not do the work for you.

You will not succeed without me.

You have to be willing to be Cortes.

No guts, no glory.




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