What’s the biggest work risk you’ve taken this year?

Hard to get what you want when you can’t be yourself…

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What’s the biggest work risk you’ve taken this year? Wondering how many had to think long and hard, and how many had an answer instantaneously.

Insight: Being your authentic self may be the biggest risk ever, and therefore, never attempted.

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  1. Such an easy question for me to answer today — applying for (and achieving!) a position as a tutor in the Chicago Public Schools! I’ll be working in the west side neighborhoods of the city where risks and needs are greatest. I am very excited to begin this new adventure and can vouch for the benefits in taking risks…

  2. Natalie, congratulations! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and the bigger the risk, the bigger the gain. You are proof of the second.

    How exciting for both you and the students (and their Families and neighborhoods), as you set out to inspire them to be the best they can be.

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