Began and finished the day at Disney University

Disney monorail
Making the first left past the monorail Roundhouse on the way to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, i spy wiff me little eye…a monorail.


Disney Speakers Customer Service
Geri took photos of Doug and i talking after his Disney Keynote Speech.


Disney Speakers Customer Service
Keeping vultures off Disney buildings is more challenging than it looks.


Best Disney University Speakers
Yesterday began at DU and ended at DU. My Disney Institute Colleague Bob, is leaving Disney and Disney University for a huge opportunity at Universal Orlando Resort. Yesterday was Bob’s final day.


Disney University Consultants
i missed Bob’s going away party at DU two days ago because i had already committed to the opportunity to benchmark Doug Lipp in Illinois.


Disney is Family.

Disney is famous.

Disney is world-class.

My friend Bob is one of only a handful of Disney leaders who’ve taught at both Disney Institute and Disney University.

The plan to share his final lunch at DU’s Stage Door Cafe fell through, so i arrived at DU to visit with him at his office after 4pm.

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