Best time to worry at work

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Before starting Mid Life Celebration, LLC in 2009, the idea of flying to Australia just to meet Nick seems inspiring and “necessary”. Abandoned the crazy idea. Why? Found less expensive inspiration. Imagine the surprise bumping into Nick in Winter Garden, Florida, not far from Disney.

Pencil or a broom?


One career is built using your thoughts.

One career is built using your presence.

One career is paid in exchange for your value.

One career is paid in exchange for your time.

Become remarkably different than the others who do what you do; become a thought-leader who transforms dogma and tradition. Make the way you ‘think and do’ exponentially more valuable than industry standard.

Become dependent on longevity to increase your wages; receive yearly increases until you max-out your wage cap, then hope for occasional cost of living increases.

The time to worry about which choice to make is before you have to worry about which career path you’re on.

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