Dear Prayer

Disney's Not So Scary Halloween decorations
A Family often spends hundreds to enter. We used free passes, earned from a lifetime of Disney Service.


Dear Prayer,

Thank you for the religious and spiritual leaders you inspire to dedicate their lives to helping the rest of humanity have a place of worship.

And thank you for allowing every human to freely choose which path in life to take – one that centers on service, or one that centers on being served.

PS. Thank you for transforming my personal leadership commitment with the blessing of parenthood. What i once believed was an entitlement turned out to be anything but.

PSS. Thank you for providing Walt Disney the epiphany, as he sat on a community park bench, that there ought to be someplace where adults and children could have fun together.

Note: Walt recognized that places for adults didn’t (generally) cater to children and places catering to children were boring for adults.


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