Dear Son

High Mountain Fantasyland

Granite Park Chalet
This view changes as the light and clouds change. Never gets old or boring.


Granite Park Chalet
i can see the smoke coming from the Sprauge fire, because i know what i’m looking for. otherwise, you’d never notice.


Granite Park Chalet
Same photo as above, just zoomed out.


Granite Park Chalet
Howard enjoying the evening.


Granite Park Chalet
Grab a rock and put it on top of the other one. Repeat.


Granite Park Chalet
Granite Park Chalet room 7. Home sweet home.


Granite Park Chalet
Granite Park Chalet has so much character.


Granite Park Chalet
Our deck chairs are also our room chairs.


Granite Park Chalet
Every room has a lock but no keys. Only locks from inside.


Granite Park Chalet
Seven never had so much significance as it did last night.


Our original reservation was for Sperry Chalet, which burned to the ground a few days ago.

A few weeks ago, the trails to Sperry closed due to the Sprauge fire. Glacier National Park consequently closed Sperry for the season.

i booked the St Mary Lodge immediately to replace Sperry.

The next day, on a “no-hope” whim, i went to Granite Park Chalet’s website.

One opening.

A miracle.

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