i could have been killed

Sprauge fire 2017
Woke up to this a few hours ago – inconvenient but not life-threatening. And then driving to the airport, a breathtaking near-accident.


i could have been killed a few hours ago.

It’s dark at 6:35AM.

Speed limit is 70.

In the slow lane, doing 68, nearing the airport.

Not many cars on the road.

Traffic slows and i’m down to about 50mph.

A move to the left to pick the faster of the slowed traffic…

And my blind spot suddenly reveals a really slow car immediately in front of me and the car i’m passing on the right is beside me.

All i could do was hold my breath, instantly move back into the right lane, even though the car on the right was too close.

Without this move, i would have crashed into the car directly in front of me.

But with the move, i thought i’d surely scrap both sides of my car because the opening was too narrow.

There was no time to think, only time to split-second move to the right.

i swear it was a God-incidence.

Not a scratch.

First, and best case scenario, i thought of the vehicle damage (without personal injury) and missing the trip (police reports, etc) to Glacier until tomorrow, after all the intentionality to get there and be the first in line at the rental car counter.

Next, i thought about how potentially deadly my front end collision could have been.

i almost fainted.

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