Lead yourself and stay on top of life

Home security cameras Arlo
Annual subterranean termite inspection is required in order to keep the warranty valid. Scheduled long before i flew to Glacier.


Hurricane Irma tracking
Heading East and maybe avoiding USA completely.


Lake McDonald fire protection 2017
Wish we could send some of Irma’s water to extremely dry and firey Glacier. i check Glacier’s FB page several times per day as well as their webcams.


Uni-Dose chemical injectors
Our well works but the chlorine (water sanitizer) injector doesn’t. Water quickly becomes super smelly (rotten egg smell, from sulfur). It’s a 2-hour, $250 effort. i had a replacement ready for just such an inconvenient event.


Apple Keynote event iPhone X
It’s on the calendar. Won’t miss it.


Lead yourself and stay on top of life. This is the essence of what it means to lead. Have a picture of the future that is better than now. Much better.

Much better.

i’m the only one who can do this for me.

Same with you.

Good luck.

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