Murphy’s law was trying to break me

Graphic design specs
Spent two hours at Kinkos yesterday. Learned that a workbook cover will have a white edge surrounding it unless you pay extra for the “bleed” for an 8.50 x 11.0. i wasn’t looking to learn this.


Murphy’s law was trying to break me yesterday afternoon. How do i know? When something that should be easy, quick, and fun turns into the opposite.

There’s a feeling i get when professionals don’t do their jobs like they mean it. Going through the motions (it happens sometimes) only frustrates me when someone else in the organization knows the ball was dropped, but doesn’t apologize and doesn’t quickly reassure me not to worry about a thing.

Thank you to Moises, team lead, for exuding great karma. The last thing i needed was one more person to get involved, but Moises wowed me with his can-do attitude and ownership.


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