My Friend Says He Finally Figured Out Where Much Of His Career Tension Comes From

My friend claims he has something no one else on his team has. He said it’s so important, and unusual, yet it goes completely unrecognized, and instead, he claims, it actually is misinterpreted as a bad quality, thus causing unwanted tension. Maybe he’s wrong.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff – all I can say is, “WOW!” Light bulbs are going off all around me (figuratively, of course).

  2. Well, your friend may be wrong if he is conceited about having something that no one else has and flaunts it.

    But what struck me is having a Christian work ethic (doing your best, regardless if you like the task or not, because you are doing it not for men, to to honor God) in an environment where that concept is foreign.

  3. As I read this I couldn’t help but wonder if what your friend has, that no one else does, is an attitude.

    We all bring unique talents to the talent. Every single human on the planet. But it is up to us to learn how use those talents. We choose how we will do that. We can be selfish and prideful. Or generous and humble. We choose which path to take. And that, in the words of Frost, makes all the difference.

    I love the way your blogs make me think.

  4. Mike, glad to be of service. Your blogs make me think, so the feeling is mutual.
    What if we were selfish, but humble. Or prideful, but generous?
    Most of all though, bottom-line, the path we choose makes the difference.

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