Nuwanda Chronicles

masked man in mountains
Siyeh Pass, Glacier National Park, September2020.


Note: This post was written August 2012 but never published until 2021.

What is the blog category “The Chronicles of Nuwanda”? They are a series of posts designed to illuminate truth while deflecting blame to a specific person.

Seth Godin writes with clarity, creativity, and insight that no other writer i read delivers – and with such amazing regularity (daily), on top of his 13 best-selling books.

He wrote Corporations Are Not People the other day (Aug. 17) about Progressive Insurance. In rereading it just now, and reading the blog post from the victim’s Katie Fisher’s brother, it’s sad and educational at the same time.

While Nuwanda judges no one, Nuwanda is free to write and share anything. To anyone.

And therein lies the insight after reading up to this point. The insight is that if you conduct yourself in any way, shape, or form, don’t expect it to go undetected. Ever.

It may. But don’t expect it to.


Live your life so that if anyone ever says anything bad about you, no one will believe it.



People thought he hated Grizzles.


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