Please indulge in career self-care

Muhlenberg College Classroom
At what point should the erasers be cleaned?


Muhlenberg College Classroom
Technology driven classroom?


Muhlenberg College Classroom
Old school classroom?


Muhlenberg College Library
Muhlenberg Library has three levels – each one has a distinct noise level tolerance.


Muhlenberg Collegenewspaper
The Muhlenberg Weekly office.


Muhlenberg College career center
To know is to do. To know and not do is to not yet know.


Muhlenberg College career center
Inspirational thinking is cheap and plentiful.


Muhlenberg College career center
Ideas mean nothing without implementation.


Muhlenberg College career center
Eventually, become quote-worthy.


Please indulge in career self-care.

Always remember, you are the CEO of You, Inc.

Be amazed and be amazing.

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