Dear Son, who decides who the luckiest person alive is?

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What if someone was a teacher and their classroom was Walt Disney World Resort?


Who decides who the luckiest person alive is?

Using what criteria?

Can we make it up ourselves?

Don’t judge yourself against others.

Neither of you is traveling the same path.

Learn to be blissful on your path or find a different path.

And a different path may be the same path, but with someone, or going in the opposite direction.

Yeah, life is full of distractions and illusions.

You’re in charge of figuring this stuff out and thriving in spite of it all.

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  1. Who is the luckiest person alive? Now that is a thought provoking question. And yes indeed, everyone will have their own criteria for this one.

  2. Asked this question of 5 of my closest friends yesterday, without hesitation each one said themselves. Very telling. If we truly believe that, why would we ever complain? If I continue to ask this question and I don’t get that answer, what will I say? Hum??

  3. Donna, that’s awesome that they all picked themselves. A very hopeful and encouraging experiment. Did you ask them individually or as a group?

    However, what is hard to determine from your note is whether or not they not only say the right answer, but also demonstrate it with their actions – never complaining for example.

    Have a Flantastic Sunday!

  4. As a group. But I believe each one truly feels that way, but in this imperfect world, forgets it frequently.

  5. Donna, was afraid you were gonna say that. Not saying their answers would have been different, yet there is an enormous amount of unspoken peer pressure to mask our pain. And we all have pain – truck loads of pain. Anyone saying they don’t is a liar or tremendously successful at figuring out how to thrive in spite of it.

    At least from personal experience.

    We tend to answer the way we see ourselves in the future – our intentions so to speak.

    Like how many years did it take to write the first book… 34! How is that even possible? That’s a ridiculously long time to ‘keep promising one day…”

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