You should give a speech to the students about that

IB High School diploma
IB High School diploma


The International Baccalaureate (IB) High School diploma is an option at our school.

It virtually guarantees top–shelf credibility and predictive success no matter what University Admissions Director reads your college application.

Students are immersed in above average rigor and group requirements, and are therefore prepared for the same thing in higher education – it’s not a shock to their lifestyle.

On the drive home from school last night, i reminded our son that doing these things meets expectations, but it’s the little things, like thanking a teacher after class for a great insight, that exceed expectations.

There are no courses (except perhaps Disney Institute) focusing on exceeding expectations.

The High School sophomore said, “You should give a speech to the students about that.”

(Dear son, thank you for paying me a compliment, and encouraging me.)




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