Do You Stand A Chance?

Snowball's Chance In...
Snowball's Chance In...

Today the polling stations are open from 7AM until 7PM. We mailed our absentee ballot last week.

Are people voting this year for the best candidate?

Or, for the one who isn’t the worst?

The campaign ads in Central Florida this year were especially negative. Repetitively and obnoxiously negative.


Anyway, if your boss could pick her team over again, would she pick you?

Yesterday’s post and today’s post reminds us of one important fact. Being positive or negative is our choice. And it also goes both ways.


By jeff noel

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    Had the positive/negative discussion with the wife last night as it relates to one of our daughters.

    We’ve had some major challenges with her recently. Some people choose to expect the worst as a defense mechanism (negative).

    To me personally that is a sad and difficult way to live your life.

    I prefer to expect the positive…the down side is it sure does hurt when you are let down.

    Pick your poison.

  2. Skip, very sorry to hear your challenges. You know that there are people, besides me, here in these blogs that will lift you and your Family up.

    The walk is painful. Often. But a community of believers in Faith, Hope and Love stand beside each other. We are pulling for you.

    Some people cannot choose. We are praying for them too. And their Families.

  3. Skip,
    I hadn’t read this from a parental perspective. Thank you for the redirection of my thoughts. I feel for you and pray for you.
    As a new parent (3 yr old & 1 yr old), I’m at the stage where my kids are completely dependent on us. I know the challenges will change, as the kids grow older. Of course, now, I like to believe that our kids will make decisions based on the lessons we teach them. But, due to the sin nature of humans, I know that their decisions may not always be congruent with what I would do. And truthfully, I could be the one with the wrong mindset in any situation.
    When it all comes down to it though, I guess it’s our base faith and values that guide us.
    I pray for strength for you (and all of us) as parents and children.

  4. Craig, thanks for your comments.
    Our Faith will always be tested. It wouldn’t be called Faith if it was easy.
    Faith is believing what can not be seen.
    This is hard for humans to comprehend.
    And why growing spiritually helps grow our Faith.
    I know this sounds elementary, but it really is fundamental.
    Like the way our biceps grow stronger from pull ups.
    Or our lung capacity grows from doing cardiovascular exercise.

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