I Was Made For This

Might Be Easier To Lick This Ashtray?
Might Be Easier To Lick This Ashtray?

Last night, the vacationing man in the flowered shirt said, “Some people love work. Not me. I was never like that”.

My friend and I were strangely entertained as the man continued, “Bosses are a-holes, employees are a-holes, customers, peers…all a-holes. Now I don’t have to worry about any of it. Retirement? I was made for it”.

We were surprised by his unsolicited candor.

And marveled at his ability to endure pain.

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  1. Wow. I’m sure that company was proud to have him on their team.

    A great ambassador for . . . I’m speechless. Somebody help me here.

  2. It makes you wonder, though, what was the catalyst for the behavior? Did long-term bad treatment at work really jade him that badly about work or would his personality be one that is jaded toward any and everything? Either way, that’s not a fun way to live!

  3. I feel very sorry for this person. All that negativity, over what I can only imagine was years, it has to take a physical, emotional, and spiritual toll — on him and those around him. When I hear about people like that, I get a picture of a person walking around with a huge black hole burned through their heart. It can’t be an easy life.

  4. Bob, it’s challenging to imagine.
    I often wonder what creative, if any, things he did to survive.
    Or was he a “cancer” to the people around him, and found some way to not get fired?

  5. Jeff,

    I had a co-worker who was like that – the most miserable person to be around. Everyone walked around him on eggshells, because he would explode on you with all that negativity. Finally, he did get fired because of it.

    I used to allow his behavior to eat at me, and believe me, negativity can breed negativity. But finally, I got to the point where I realized that I felt like Patty said – sorry for him. At that point, you just pray the person, knowing their soul is in misery.


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