jeff noel Is Stripping This Down To The Simplest Thinking Possible

Books are great, but if a teacher only relies on books, Mediocrity-ville will thrive…

But for some teachers, the best classroom isn’t a classroom at all.

This starting to sink in? jeff noel is stripping this down to the simplest thinking possible.

The damage inflicted on people & organizations when they run from common sense and fundamental understanding is, well, criminal.

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  1. It’s depravity. In most cases, we wouldn’t deprive our bodies of nutrition. Why do we deprive our minds of its nutrition – knowledge?

  2. David, looking at how Disney uses all the senses to make memories magnificent, so too can a teacher use many senses to make the learning magnificent.

    I can read books about the Tiger, watch videos, and hear a lectures about the Tiger. But to see it, smell it, hear it, and even to feel the “electricity” in the air when we are close enough in primal circumstances to have been it’s meal, well, the learning really is magnificent.

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