Pausing for a midlife moment of silence

Small Mickey Mouse ears colorful confetti
Was at Disney’s Epcot Germany pavilion teaching, when I first heard the news at 10am


Pausing for a midlife moment of silence.

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  1. We were in the backyard. I was pushing the two little girls on the swings. My oldest was in elementary school. My brother called. I put Cinderella on the TV for them to watch as I followed the day’s events on my computer. The little ones will never remember a time before 9-11-2001.

  2. Patty, Cheryl had hung an American flag on the front corner of our house (that’s it in my gravatar photo above) two months prior for Independence day.

    We have retired several flags in 12 years, but a day has not gone by in 12 years that it hasn’t flown.

    Peace and blessings immeasurable.

  3. Jeff – I do believe it will be one of those defining moments that people will forever remember what they were doing when it happened. When it had happened, I had only been with my company for about a year, and that put Zachary at just turning 3 a week earlier. I remember my company sending us home after we watched it happen on TV in our office, and just going home and hugging Melissa and Zachary. I also remember the next week – the churches were packed during the lunch hour, as people looked for answers (a great place to go for answers, by the way).

    Seems like yesterday…12 years went by fast.


  4. Jeff – I so agree. It is one of those generalizations (and I know there are exceptions), but people don’t necessarily go to church until they see the need for it. Some see the need on a daily basis. Others see the need only in crisis mode. It all depends on their view of God, and what His role is in their lives.


  5. Bob, we all get the opportunity to decide what we need and how to get it. There are short term and long term goals to consider – investments that will one day pay dividends to the degree we invested wisely.

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