Emotion Trumps Everything When It Comes To Our Bosses

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When we recognize the bottom line for our attachment to certain leaders, emotion is the driving force behind our most treasured bosses.

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  1. Jeff,

    You are definitely right. Loyalty (or the lack thereof) is the outward expression of that emotional attachment. And the ones who are most endearing to their followers (I like that word better than subordinates) are the ones who garner the most loyalty.


  2. Bob, the top three traits I want to receive from a leader are (prioritized) trust, respect, development.

    I also expect to deliver those to everyone else, whether I’m their leader or not.

    Think about trusting each other explicitly, completely respecting each other’s differences, and helping each other grow. Wow!

  3. Jeff,

    Interesting…I was just reading an article, and the focus on what creates that “followership” are (and not in any order in this article): visionary leadership, trustworthiness, and ethical stewardship. Sounds like there are some commonalities with your areas.


  4. Bob, great followup. Thanks. I purposefully omitted vision(ary). I started with the assumption that I/we/people are on a team that is going somewhere we want to go.

    Note however, I believe nothing is more important than knowing where you are headed. How you get there may change, but knowing the destination point is crucial, say, Heaven for example. Or to find a cure for lung cancer….or….

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