Everybody knows and nobody knows, the paradox of workplace tragedy

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Everybody knows and nobody knows, the paradox of workplace tragedy.

It could have been much worse.

Was it an act of hate?

An act of love?


Everybody knows what happened, and nobody knows what happened.

A suicide note rarely solves the mystery of – why?

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  1. A tragedy of the heart. The mind convincing the soul that life on this planet is better off without their unique input. Depression. Being totally spent from being verbally assaulted by that small voice that rings so clearly in everyone’s head.

  2. Patty, that’s beautifully sad and true. There’s that feeling of hopelessness, that dreary feeling that nothing will ever get better. My own mom told us repeatedly in her last months that we just didn’t need her anymore, and she wanted to be with the Lord and her own mother and brother. No matter what we said or how we tried to convince her that she needed to stick around to see the kids grow up and we all needed her BADLY, she just couldn’t hear us. So sad.

  3. Patty, Aloha. And thank you for sharing your perspective. Never saw it coming.

    This is the first personal experience with it. Have know of others through a friend of a friend, but never someone this close.

  4. Natalie, what it sounds like you’re saying seems frightens to ask.

    If what it sounds like is true for your mother, I’m so very sorry.

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