A full day that could have been avoided

Small but mighty airport. Small but mighty fork(y).
Apple products can arrive in hours but you have to be present. No one was home. We figured it out.
The small table served as an office from 11:00 AM – 6:30PM yesterday. Needed good WiFi connection. It didn’t work as well as planned, based on previous experience.
It was recommended by a local that i check this place out.
Dad helping his son with the ball ramp.
Leaving Columbia Falls for Rising Sun.
Traffic was non-existent and the drive was relaxing, providing quality self-reflection time.

Seven hours at Columbia Falls Library. 

Uploaded 450 of 1,000 picture and videos. 

Visited Smiths to get a few groceries and supplies. 

Went across the street to Glacier Lanes because it was recommended to check out. Long ago when the Hungrey Horse Dam was being built, there were three bowling centers. Now there’s one. 

Drove Going To The Sun Road without a soul in my lane. 

Drove the speed limit even though it would have been easy to drive faster. 

Leadership is mostly a behind the scenes job. No one sees the hard work. Do the hard work anyway. 

You’ll see a disproportionately high number of great days. 

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