Celebrate with a day of reflection

Unique flowers.
Both of us use our phone to take notes.
A close encounter. The trail is narrow. We had to pass each other.
In hindsight i would have taken more time and not stepped off the trail so quickly.
We are missing a mile+ because of operator error.

Celebrate with a day of reflection

After accomplishing a robust brainstorming session two days ago, we intentionally let yesterday be a day-after reflection opportunity. 

At 9.5 years old, my business is stable enough to not have to aggressively push things during the Summer. 

In fact, Summer is dedicated to slowing down and thinking strategically – in a way that embraces:  

.think .differently

It’s invigorating and inspiring to only preach what i practice. 

Organization vibrancy only happens by over-focusing on the same things (you and) others under-focus on or ignore. 

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