Chamber of Commerce Day

Snapped this photo trying to capture the tiny songbird. The bird isn’t visible in this picture, but the photo is delightfully barren.
The grandeur and solitude are almost overwhelming – in a great way.
Green is in this month, in a big way.
As often is the case, photos don’t do Glacier justice.
Breathtaking if you ask me.
Looking Northwest over my left shoulder as i bike up, iconic Heaven’s Peak.
Not sure why this view never gets old.
Optimistic that everything is coming together for a great recording in a couple hours.
Right middle are tiny dots (bikers) in front of the snowdrift.
Howdy Mt. Clements. Added a couple layers because temps dropped as i neared the Pass.
Howdy (retirees) bikers biking from Vancouver to Boston.
An i was there shot. How can you not?

Chamber of Commerce Day.

Yesterday morning’s weather was “picture perfect”.

No wind. No cold temps. 

Short sleeve tee, sunscreen, snacks and water. Traveling light. 

Wanted to stay at Logan Pass the rest of the afternoon. 

Literally breathtaking. 

But after the previous day’s rain-soaked descent, i didn’t want a repeat. 

Without any cell-signal, you have to rely on your own “professional” forecast and your own sky-reading ability.

The painful choice to not linger was easy. 

i’d rather get to the bottom and be wrong than to stay at the top and be wrong. 

i was right. 

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