Disney University and TEDx AUK

Disney University Speaker
The reason the name lanyard is in every photo is to establish that Sunday i’m in Kuwait and Monday i’m at Walt Disney World.
Disney University Speakers
Most inspirational water fountain i know.
Disney University Keynote speakers
Time and date stamp. Two hidden Mickey’s too.
Disney University speaker
Love this place for lunch. One of a kind.
Disney University speakers
Disney Magic is a real thing. It starts at Casting and continues at Disney University. Two places our Guests don’t frequent.
Disney Institute Keynote speaker
Pixar is as Pixar does.
Go the extra inch is a mission of mine to spread throughout the world.
Disney Institute Keynote speaker
Simply for context.
Disney Keynote Speakers
Short bike ride past the monorail roundhouse to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Bicycle parking and a walk to Magic Kingdom.

Disney University and TEDx AUK.

Spent the first morning back from Kuwait and the TED Talk at Disney University and Magic Kingdom.

So many photo opportunities.

So much fun.

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