The closer you get to sunset

Been signing Disney Institute graduation certificates with this smiling Mickey for over a decade.
Not as much snow as last year.
Conference lanyard from Kuwait.
Extra inch.
Some context. See “Extra Inch” and TED Talk lanyard lower left?
Snow art?
Light drizzle the final two miles to the Pass. It was cold too.
Empty parking lot.
Yes, 6:00pm…a five hour trek up. The running time, mileage and elevation are skewed due to operator error.
Looking back up at Logan Pass as the rain intensified.
Rain got lighter the farther West i got from the Pass.
The farther i got from Logan Pass, the drier it became.
Stromatolites gave birth to ocean life. Photo of the mountain wall along Going To The Sun Road.
Hidden Mickey stromatolites?

The closer you get to sunset, the more accurate your judgement needs to be. 

Leaving Logan Pass at 6pm meant at best i’d be back to the car around 7pm. 

Note: an obvious option was to stay under shelter at Logan Pass Visitor Center (not yet open for the season) until the rain passed. No way of knowing if it’s 30 minutes or 90. 

Fewer people on the road to help and no communication make the stakes high if you get a flat tire or take a spill. 

The obvious choice was to descend in the rain. 

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